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Welcome to the Coffee Lounge, an area where we hope that you can relax, grab a coffee & take five minutes out to join us on our personal journey, as we travel through the maze of owning our own business.



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    startup-593341_640Celebrating a Twitter Milestone as we Reach 1,000 Twitter Followers!

    Reaching 1,000 Twitter Followers, for us, is amazing and we thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to take a moment and thank all you who follow us.  Every Like, Retweet and Comment is totally appreciated!! 

    You guys help us get through the day, especially when we are totally exhausted and things aren’t going to plan!

    As with most other small businesses we do a lot in-house and sometimes the job list appears never-ending, but you guys, along with our customers, give us the inspiration to continue to follow our hopes and dreams.

    Our first year has totally flown by, it really has, we have made mistakes (which hopefully we have learnt from) as well as encountering some amazing surprises!  And we still wake up every morning looking forward to the day, of which you are a great part off.

    So THANK YOU Lovely Scrumptious Fabulous People!!

    Yours Truly

    Candy x