WELCOME to the CANDY KISSES NEWSLETTER, somewhere, which we HOPE, becomes the HAPPENING place of 2021 ... well OKAY ... WHERE we INSPIRE with STUNNING cards, DAZZLE with DELICIOUS gift wrap etc, LET you in ON what GOES on behind the SCENES & GENERALLY, have FUN!  It's KINDA the same THING ...


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    I remember, a couple of years ago, whilst working from home, answering the door to the postman.  It was early afternoon and he jokingly mentioned my watching day time TV whilst he worked.

    My response was to politely smile, however, afterwards I felt quite offended, as my working week at that time would have been around 70 hours minimum.

    As an employee I loved lunch time, home time, weekends and holidays?  As a self-employed person on the cusp of opening my own online store, there was no me time!

    And there lies the problem!  


  2. FEBRUARY 2021

    Hi Guys. 

    Thank you for taking time out from your busy day to read the first issue of our monthly Newsletter.

    We’re so excited about this because, from our point of view, it will be great to keep in touch with you on a more personal level.  We’re hoping to keep you updated on the new ranges as well as all the gossip relating to offers, sales etc along with giving you an insight into what makes us tick over at Candy Kisses, not certain if the latter part of this sentence is a good idea, but we will let you be the judge!  & breathe!!

    Shall we begin …