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    “A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye." - Unknown

    Although I always find letting go of summer difficult, I love to say hello to autumn with its mosaic of rich colours & dark cosy evenings with scented candles & fairy lights twinkling away, don’t you?

    & then there’s Christmas, it only seems like a few months ago that we were packing away the Xmas stock, & yet here we go again, how fast time flies!

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    Do you Believe in Fairies?

    Throughout my early childhood I remember being absolutely enthralled by flowers & fairies, the latter being my ethereal companions at that time.

    I also loved looking at books, especially ones that included pictures of fairies amongst flowers & every Christmas & Birthday there would always be a new book.


    Coupled with my love of woodland (which was virtually our back garden) with its mysterious dappled shade & heavy scent of Bluebells, my young imagination knew no limits! 

    Even today, a lot of the Greeting cards I choose for Candy Kisses have floral designs & one collection in particular include dainty fairies.

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    As regular visitors to our online store will know we have a permanent sale section, which, even if I do say so myself, contains some amazing bargains, mainly consisting of greeting cards of an extremely high quality with prices from as little as 20p. 

    Anywho, we just wanted to let you know that this section has been moved & can now be found within the main store, just HERE for you.

    Happy shopping and thank you for your support, you really are the loveliest of customers!!

    Speaking of shopping ..

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    Oh my doodle days, when it’s hot, it’s hot!!

    Hoping that you are all enjoying the summer!!

    It can be stiflingly hot can’t it, however, a scrumptious sun in a Blue sky is much more cheery than rain don’t you think?  And nothing compares to English cottage gardens in the summer, beautiful havens of tranquillity and intrigue with busy bees and butterflies going about their business!

    Would you like to know what we have been up to lately, apart from melting?