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Welcome to Candy Kisses

Life is so boring when you don’t have an online delivery to look forward isn’t it, but maybe today could be an, “add to the cart with us kinda day?” 

We’ve been trading for around five years, sharing our passion for creativity & beautiful things which we hope are evident throughout the store.  We love everything we sell & we hope you will too because ... Candy Kisses is so much more than a business to us. Yes it's hard work but it is also incredibly rewarding!  We want to share this feeling & as we are a team who believe that fantastic customer service, together with incredible products is paramount, we are confident you will catch our vibes!! 

An online, mainly paper based store we are forever aware of our environmental impact, therefore, working with a web host who is signed up to reforestation and carbon offsetting projects, we love that four trees are planted on our behalf every month!

With the majority of our award winning gift wrap and greeting cards, (designed by exceptional artists and graphic designers) being created using FSC paper and recycled coffee cups, we hope we’re doing our bit!

Almost forgot... We also offer a handwritten message service, for those of you in a rush!


So... What's New at Candy Kisses ...

Looking for a fab greeting card for your very special Valentine, in stock now, happy shopping!!